Saturday, July 9, 2011

Spotlight Saturday - Betty Ford

The wife of former United States President Gerald Ford, Betty Ford, passed away this week, she was 93.  Mrs. Ford reigned as 'First Lady' from 1974 to 1977.  Known for her outspoken candor, she was a strong advocate for women's rights, equal rights and the pro-choice movement, in spite of being a member of the Republican Party.  She was a front runner of the evolution of fashions amongst first ladies making ranks by following in the footsteps of Jackie O'.  After Gerald Ford's term in office was over, she returned to her hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan, where she became fashion coordinator for Herpolsheimer's which was a popular department store.  Since there weren't any Inaugural Ball's at the time when Gerald Ford was President, the 1st Lady gown hanging in the Smithsonian Museum to represent Betty Ford was the one she wore to the State Dinner with the Shah of Iran in 1975.  She chose her favorite color, pale green & it was a sequined chiffon gown with an embroidered floral pattern.  I personally love the mandarin collar design accentuated with the deep v neckline.  In the spotlight today because she was definitely a modern day fashion conscious first lady...  ,

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