Saturday, July 23, 2011

Spotlight Saturday - Amy Whinehouse

The soulful sultry voice of brit born Amy Whinehouse has been stifled long before its time as the 27 year old, best known for her old school sound and amazing contralto vocals was found dead this afternoon 4:00 UK time, in her home in Camden, London.  The cause of her passing remains 'unexplained' however, it's no secret that the young singer had an ongoing history with drugs & alcohol.  Whinehouse gained popularity in the UK several years before she came on the scene in America with her second album titled, 'Back To Black' in 2006.  Ironically, it wasn't until 2007, with her hit song 'Rehab' that she rose to fame here in the states.  Besides being noted for her vocal abilities, Amy was the muse to fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld.  She wasn't just the beehive, eyeliner and tattoos, she was an amazing talent who had the ability to infuse jazz, r&b and soul into every song she sang.   
                                      In the spotlight today...            
                                      Amy Jade Whinehouse
                            September 14th 1983 - July 23rd 2011



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