Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bathing Suits Perfect For EveryBODY

It's so beyond hot today here in the 'D' that I think I'll probably spend the remainder of my day lounging by my pool, so with that being said... Since it's bikini/bathing suit weather, the pressure is usually on 'us women' to find the perfect style to compliment the shape and size of our bodies.  Long gone are the days of the vintage 'modesty suits' as I like to call them, when women didn't have to be concerned so much as to what was 'showing' because the suits didn't allow for much more than arms and mid thigh skin baring!
Suits nowadays leave little to the imagination of course for the most part and finding the 'right suit' can seem like nothing more than a dreaded chore!  

Here are some tips that might be helpful...

If you have a boy'ish body, meaning minus the curves, to create the illusion of an hourglass figure, try to find suits that are shirred or crossed over at the midsection because that will give an appearance of an accentuated waist.  Also, deep 'V' necklines will visually widen your shoulders making your waist look smaller.  
If you're looking to hide your mid section, tankini tops are the way to go as they perfectly conceal the tummy area!
Trying to look proportioned? Look for suits with horizontal details that visually 'break up' the midsection or suits with extra fabric to accommodate should you have a longer torso.
Whatever your shape or size may be, finding the right suit for yourself doesn't have to be painstaking come every Summer and the good thing is, designers are always at the helm of trying to create the 'perfect' suit, to suit every woman....

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