Friday, June 17, 2011

Fashion In Film Friday

The 1959 movie 'Some Like It Hot' starring Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon and the legendary Marilyn Monroe was a controversial film for it's time due to the fact that it ended up being banned in several states, Kansas, Memphis & Tennessee.  This was due to the lead male characters played by Lemmon & Curtis, wearing women's clothing which in turn sparked an 'adult entertainment' restriction because of the idea that it was promoting cross dressing.  That was not the case at all as the plot centered around two struggling musicians in the 1920's, on the run from the mob hiding out with an all girl band, disguising themselves as women to fit in...

The movie showcased an amazing costume wardrobe of styles beyond befitting the vintage days of the roaring 20's.  One dress in particular worn by Marilyn pushed the boundaries of that prudish era of what was allowable on screen, when in one scene she wore a dress considered so 'barely there' that it was said to have been her first on screen nude scene!  The dress was made of sheer chiffon and the bust was adorned with two appliques placed appropriately to hide certain parts of her anatomy.  Isn't it amazing to think this was considered risque?  

Besides Marilyn's questionable fashions in this film, 'Some Like It Hot' was said to have been a movie that inspired or promoted rather, cross dressing.  If you look back in history, cross dressing in film as they refer to it, or rather men dressing as women and vice versa, goes back to the early 1900's with silent films.  Truth is, there is always going to be an air of taboo where the subject of gender bending on any level is concerned but I don't really think that movies or music for that matter really has anything to do with promoting that degree of change in anyone and the idea that it can or does, is pretty much ridiculous!  What do you think?...   
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