Tuesday, May 17, 2011

No Fur For Fendi!

The vintage Italian Fashion House that's been around since 1925... better known as 'Fendi,' has been asked to remove all of the fur pieces from their Fall/Winter collection fashion show that's set to take place this June 2nd.  South Korea's capital city, Seoul banned fur due to the numerous complaints from several animal rights groups. City officials even threatened to cancel the scheduled event if all animal related items aren't removed from Fendi's catwalk itinerary.

Fendi states, Milan had no issue with the 'fur for all' show they put on during the Italian Fashion Week and said Seoul's short notice comes as a surprise being there were no issues brought up during the months of preparation.  The company is continuing to negotiate on the subject but it's looking like a 'no go'! 

Fendi is definitely not an 'animal friendly' design house as back in 1997 Naomi Campbell was fired as spokeswoman for P.E.T.A. (People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals) when she dared to wear fur at a Fendi fashion show in spite of making the bold statement... "I'd rather go naked then wear fur".

Fur is a personal choice and when it gets down to it, you either wear it or you don't!  There are so many 'faux fur' and 'faux animal' prints out there that if you choose to not wear it for ethical reasons, you can still wear it anyway...and guilt free at that!

pics: bossip.com , stilorama.com , truepuzzle.com , breakeverychain.com , myspace.com 


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