Thursday, May 19, 2011

Maria Shriver...Status Quo Style In Spite Of The Split!

Arnold Schwarzenegger gave the ultimate diss to his soon to be 'ex wife' Maria Shriver by confessing to her that he had a child with the hired help & has been entertaining an affair with his mistress for over a decade!  I'm sure you've heard about it by now in the news, in the tabloids, trash mags, etc...  She has dealt with many hardships in her family and of course everyone knows about the so called 'Kennedy Curse' which was nicknamed as such, by all of the continued misfortune the clan has had fall upon them. 

In spite of it all, Shriver has maintained an air of style, grace and elegance and being a part of America's most legendary family, who would expect anything less? In 2009, she was voted Glamour Magazines 'Woman Of The Year' and rightfully so, as she has been and remains a strong female role model for women everywhere being an activist, author & journalist.

On top of everything else, she loves fashion as she was seen in Paris during fashion week for the Fall/Winter 2011 Chanel Show. 

She stated in an interview once that Tom Ford for Gucci was her favorite designer... Regardless of all the hoopla and media frenzy that's surrounding her at the moment, just like always, Maria Shriver is going to come out on top because after all she's a Kennedy! 

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