Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bohemian Queen Janis Joplin

When I think of Bohemian style in regards to fashion sense, I can't help but turn my thoughts to my personal 'fave', the ultimate hippie chic, Janis Joplin.  Janis was an American born singer & songwriter who was ranked #46 out of 100 in 2004 by Rolling Stone magazine as one of the 'Greatest Artists of All Time'... 
She was the true definition of a 'free spirit' and her flame flickered out way before it's time, but she left behind a her a legacy of music that defined an era of 'peace, love & harmony' in the midst of the Vietnam war.
By no means would Joplin be referred to as a 'beautiful woman' by todays standards. But she was something special for sure in her own right!  She had an amazing stage presence and aside from her obvious talent credentials, she became a fashion trend setter of the 60's.  She influenced her generation as well as ours with her careless gypsy style.  Once known as 'hippie' now called 'bohemian'.  People were drawn to her sense of individuality and rebellion in opposition to what the status quo norm was...
If anyone went against the grain, it was Janis as she definitely translated her personality through her sense of style.
Janice's over the top, vivacious, without borders styles was all about 'excess'.  Less was not more!  She was all about feather boas, big floppy hats, big beaded necklaces, oversized shades and F.Y.I....she made bangles famous before Madonna did in the 80's!  One Joplin staple that has made a big current comeback is the Mongolian fur vest.
Of every style era that's ever been attempted to be replicated, I think Janice's is the easiest because just like it was then, the 'anything goes', easy flowing vintage hippie style of the 60's revamped circa 2011...remains...

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