Thursday, April 28, 2011

Speculations On Who's Designing 'The Dress'

Anyone who's interested in fashion is waiting on the edge of their seats to see who & what the 'Princess to be' Kate Middleton will be wearing when she walks down the isle tomorrow at Westminster Abbey, and you better believe they will be expecting it to be just as gorgeous, if not better than the one wore by her late mother in law, Diana the Princess of Wales when she married Prince Charles at the St. Paul's Cathedral in 1981...

The late Princess Diana wore a wedding gown designed especially for her by Elizabeth Emanual that was quite modest with big poufy sleeves and the traditional long train.  I absolutely respected & admired Diana who was known for being 'the people's Princess' and a true humanitarian as well however, I have always thought this dress was too 80's!  All that poof gave the illusion that she was going to get lost in all of that dress!  She was delicate and elegant and the dress was quite the opposite don't you think? 

Prince Charles's mother, Queen Elizabeth II royal wedding gown was designed by Norman Hartnell, master of the royal wardrobes.  He said he was inspired by Botticelli's Primavera to design for her the satin gown that was embellished with 10,000 tiny pearls and a 15 food train.

It has been being said that Kate Middleton's wedding dress designer is currently one of the 'best kept secrets' around town, however there is speculations circulating according to reports in British tabloids that 'the chosen one' is Sarah Burton, creative director of the late Alexander McQueen.

Hard to believe this info has leaked out...guess we will have to just wait and see.  Now the big big question remains..."Will Kate be inspired to fashion her style after past British Royals or will she dare to step outside the realm to be a more contemporary trendsetter?"  The bets are on! 

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Anonymous said...

It was such a gorgeous wedding. Her dress was much like Grace Kelly. So elegant. I just loved it :)