Monday, April 18, 2011

'MoD' Monday

This week the word 'MOD' isn't referring to any retro fashion style, it's about 'MoD...Models Of Diversity.' 

Models Of Diversity is a non profit organization based out of London that advocates for the recognition of men and women of all colors, shapes, ethnicity's & abilities. They even sponsor modeling workshops for individuals with disabilities which is way cool!  They strive to fight against inequality and have a zero tolerance for the 'size 0' mentality that more often than not is the status quo mind set of the fashion world.

How often do we really see a true representation of anyone?  Magazines airbrush and crop and in real life catwalk models have to be stick figure thin to even get a gig!  'MoD' holds firm to the concept that 'not everyone is model potential' in the sense that the individual still has to have marketability, however, they reject the ideas of today's 'norm' that include a narrow range in regards to age, race, etc...   

Angel Sinclair, founder of 'Models Of Diversity' is herself a former model who began campaigning for model equality because she was appalled by what she was witnessing in regards to the way people were being treated if they didn't fit the mold. Although, I am all for this movement, from a realistic perspective I cannot foresee that there are going to be any size 20 models hired by Dior or Chanel to strut the catwalk anytime in the near future. The sad truth is we are a 'look oriented' society people! And it's only getting worse!  How many girls and women these days have issues relating to 'not being happy with themselves' in regards to their appearance?  How many have eating disorders because of it?

When you can listen to the news and hear of eight year olds undergoing plastic surgery in an attempt to counteract bullying you can pretty much assume that the idea of 100% equality on any level is pretty much a mute point!

As long as the media keeps exploiting the idea of 'perfection'...there will never be 'equality'!         

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