Sunday, April 10, 2011

MOD Monday!

Since it's 'MOD Monday' thought we'd have a groovy little flash back and rap a bit about Peggy Moffit.  Peggy was a California native born in 1939 who was known best for her unique look when she came on the fashion scene in the 60's, after initially pursuing a career in acting.  She became a fave of the late German designer Rudi Gernreich and as soon as she became one of his models, her personal signature style was born.  The Peggy Moffit look was all about false eyelashes & overly dramatic heavy eye makeup.  Her one of a kind, asymmetrical hairstyle created for her by Vidal Sassoon became known as the 'five point' and at the time, was being duplicated by stylists the world over...

Gernreich and Moffitt became a scandalous duo when Gernreich designed the infamous 'topless bikini' dubbed the 'monokini' and Moffitt was photographed in it shortly thereafter!  This bold fashion statement on Moffit's part pushed her to model star status being that she was pretty ballsy and one of few that would go that far at that time.

Gernreich and Moffitt's relationship as designer and muse evolved to that of business partners as it wasn't soon after the monokini shoot she was collaborating with him on styles.

They maintained their formidable partnership well up until Gernreich passed in 1985 at which time she held the trademark to his label name and designs. In 99' she allowed his vintage designs to be put on display in an art exhibition & within the same year she released a book chornicaling them.

In 2003, Peggy Moffitt released her own line which was a series of tee's with her image on them but hasn't produced much since...nontheless, I give this 'MOD Mama' mad props for maintaining longevity in the unforgiving world of fashion!  On the flip side however, after seeing a recent photo of her with Raquel Welch at the Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills Fashion Show, I think she's traveling in some kind of time warp and in need of a serious 60's addiction intervention because seriously...I cannot believe she's held onto that do, that makeup and those lashes for over forty years!  It totally worked for her then...but um yeah...not so much now! , , , , , , , 

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