Friday, April 15, 2011

Fashion In Film Friday

When you think of movies that inspire fashion, how can you not think of Carrie, Miranda, Sam & Charlotte, the wonderful witty women of Sex And The City? Oh, and let's not forget the 'fashions' which have been said to have a character spot status of their own!  The first episode of the popular HBO hit series was aired on June 6th 1998 and was based partly on Candace Bushnells' novels of the same name.  Her books were compiled from articles she had written for the New York Observer and she admits that her main character, Carrie Bradshaw a.k.a. Sarah Jessica Parker, is in fact her alter ego.

Besides the obvious that the story line primarily dealt with scenarios relating to 'women's issues' in regards to men and sex, 'Sex And The City' was all about fashion!  In both the series and the two mainstream movies, these girls always remained in rare style form.  Who they've worn and what they've worn is too vast to mention in it's entirety given that there have been over a decade of episodes, but Oscar de' la Renta and Monolo Blahnik pieces were always in the mix for sure.      

Each character had her own unique flair.  Carrie was uptown chic and fearless with her fashion choices pairing thrift store vinrage with haute' couture.  Charlotte was reserved, cutesy and feminine and was all about matching her bag with her shoes.  Miranda gave rise to corporate chic and women's tailored suits and last but certainly not least the bold and bawdy Samantha exuded sex appeal and confidence to the max with her dare to bare flair!

This show gave a quirky yet realistic insight into the way women perceive men, relationships, fashion and everything in between however, as much as I enjoyed the entertainment, I could never get past the far fetched concept of how Carrie Bradshaw was able to live in New York City on a newspaper columnist's budget while all at the same time being able to party at A-list clubs every night and have money left over to buy haute' couture?  

The most intriguing part of the series is that each week, the ladies of 'Sex And The City' gave us a glimpse of the diversity that each of us has inside ourselves...  The prude, the free spirit, the goal oriented career woman and the bodacious bad girl!

Which one are you? for me, I'll never tell ;)   


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