Friday, April 1, 2011

Fashion In Film Friday

In 1977 John Travolta's role in the classic hit movie Saturday Night Fever about a troubled Brooklyn teen trying to make it as a dancer, shot him to stardom as an instant sex symbol of the 70's.        

Besides popularizing disco music around the world, the fashions in this film started a major style trend with synthetic fabrics that gave four star status to nylon and polyester.  This was the time of butterfly collars, bell bottom pants and handkerchief hemline dresses.  Clothing was comfortable and most of all danceable!

This style is still, and always will be quite universal so much so that it even made it's way to Suneet Verma, the Delhi based designer who closed the Lakme '10th Annual Fashion Week' last year with his 'Night Fever Collection'.
His pieces included silk georgette net and organza of the late 70's & sequin sheeting of the 80's. Staying true to the theme, his show was full on with mirror balls and Donna Summers/Bee Gees disco tracks!

Whether you love it or hate it...DISCO is never gonna die!!! 


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