Friday, March 4, 2011

Runway GaGa

Pop Icon, activist and now runway model for Thierry Mugler at the Paris Fashion Week 2011?  What a perfect show for GaGa to make her debut and an even more perfect fit being that Mugler is known for his shows being a spectator sport.  He intertwines fashion with a performance art vibe each setting being extraordinary in its own right.  
Of course GaGa performed her new hit 'Born This Way' gyrating amongst the
models on the catwalk and made it one of the most memorable events of the evening I'm sure!
To get an idea of Thierry Mugler's design styles he fashioned the avant garde 'vintage inspired' costumes worn by Lady GaGa and Beyonce in the music video for 'Telephone'. 
Mugler incorporates the least likeliest of fabric mediums into his designs: leather, metal and vinyl but nothing tops the meat dress GaGa wore designed by Franc Fernandez!  Whether you love her or hate her on her end it's 'mission accomplished' because either way she's always giving us something to talk about!


Vanessa said...

Not a fan but she sure does give everyone a lot to talk about. I must admit that the vintage inspireid fashions in telephone were pretty awesome.

Eva said...

I like Lady Gaga but only her voice and her performances, music, dancers... But I think that she is too exentric, and diva. She always wants to be the Star number one.
Kisses: Eva.
You can see my new star brazalet on my blog. It's so beautiful!