Saturday, March 19, 2011

Japan Fashion Week Cancelled...

Japan was scheduled for Fashion Week 2011 from March 21st through March 25th but of course the unexpected tragedy with the earthquake and tsunami last week puts this event at the least of their concerns and rightfully so!

Every aspect of business as usual remains crippled in Japan and the fashion industry is in that mix as the domino effect is taking place.  Textile factories are shut down, no one is able to get back to work in design houses and there  definitely isn't any buying or selling going on...    Although Tokyo wasn't directly effected, the decision to shut down there as well was due to fears of a diminishing electrical supply and the very likely probability that a black out would occur.  Also factored in is the issues with transportation and the safety threat of possible attendees.

The designers who won't get to show their far east fashions for Fall/Winter 2011 will have to rely on the Fashion Week Tokyo producers who have suggested that they would help in the best way they can by showing select collections via the web or perhaps at more 'less formal' presentations with hopes that buyers worldwide would go the extra mile to view these Japanese lines wherever they are shown... 

I send my prayers and healing vibes that there is a resolve to the issues at hand amidst the tragedy that Japan has been dealing with in the aftermath of last weeks devastation.

Please take the time to make sure you click the link above 'For Japan With Love'...even a $1.00 donation for the sake of 'unity & humanity' would make a world of difference! 

Mother Teresa quoted..."If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other"...  ,

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