Friday, March 25, 2011

Fashion In Film Friday

In addition to our Mod Mondays, we're going to be doing Fashion In Film Friday's here at Retro Threadz.  Each week we'll be picking one movie that inspired the world of fashion.  Fashions of every era have always been motivated by movie costumes since way before there was even color or sound in films.  For example the German stage and silent film actress Marlene Dietrich was a fashion icon of the 20's and was considered a scandalous rebel in her time due to her love of masculine attire.  She wore a top hat and tuxedo in the 1928 vintage film Morocco which raised eyebrows and more than likely began the dawn of sexual ambiguity in clothing styles.   

In regards to her style she was quoted as saying...
"I dress for the image, not for myself, not for the public and definitely not for men"...


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