Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Media's Impact On Resurrecting Vintage Fashion

As I was flipping through the Fashion & Style section of the paper yesterday, I came across an interesting blurb on how vintage styles of the 60's are being reincorporated into current day fashions for women both business and otherwise and the resurrection of this era gone by is being credited in part to the popularity of the Emmy and Golden Globe winning hit show on AMC called 'Mad Men'.

The show is set in 1960’s and based around a fictitious advertising agency and of course the story line has nothing to do with anything fashion related except for the fact that this series has received major acclaim for being on the mark in regards to the authenticity of its visual style in recreating clothing styles of the 60’s.

The Detroit News article stated that ‘boxy, tweed, waist length jackets,  with sharp lines are bringing a new or rather a ‘new old look’ back into professional wardrobes and to quote the writer... A little bit “Mad Men”, a little bit modern.  Since I have never watched the show, this piqued my curiosity to ‘Google’ Mad Men and see for myself what all the hoopla was about!

Here's what I found...
In 2008, Michael Kors designed a Fall line influenced by the popular 'Mad Men' Style... 

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